With over 50% discount, add a touch of elegance to your font library with these well-balanced, premium typefaces. Optimised with minimal vector nodes and perfect geometric Bézier curves, for a sharper more refined finish. Housing a large array of weights and swashes, to cater to any occasion.

Includes: Kenjo I | Kenjo II | Omega Sans (light, regular, medium, bold) | Solar Vesta Script | Solar Vesta Serif | Osgard Pro | Osgard Stencil | Qavo

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Kenjo I & II is a Display font collection, with Japanese/Art Deco influence. Completely uppercase (currently), it houses the standard more versatile Serif (Kenjo I), along with a more fashioned-based, stylised option (Kenjo II).

Omega Sans is a Classic Sans-Serif Font Family (4 Weights), and a great accompaniment to Kenjo for Sub-Headings and Sub-Text. Both are Multilingual with 80 language latin-based support. Full Character Map available soon.

Osgard Pro & Osgard Stencil is a powerful, luxurious Typeface, adopting the fluid curvaceous elements of Romanesque typography and combining them with the Gothic style of Blackletter. Forging the two creates a far softer, more versatile, fashion based typeface; with beautifully distinct qualities. Strong influences came from The Ribble Valley, not far from our location, where J.R.R.Tolkien worked on The Lord of the Rings. Landmarks such as Stonyhurst, the River Shirebourn and the surrounding areas are great places for Medieval/ Fantastical inspiration.

1000 swashes, 80 languages, pre-made Conjunction Ligatures, Stylistic Alternates, Discretionary Ligatures, Contextual Alternates and all the OpenType features you need.

Introducing Solar Vesta font combination. This collection houses both Script & Serif fonts that compliment each other perfectly. Solar Vesta Script includes 127 Ligatures, along with a full set of Alternates/ Contextuals for a completely versatile and natural Handwritten aesthetic. Solar Vesta Serif is a sharp and robust fashion-conscious typeface, incorporating that beautiful contrast between thick and thin. Both fonts contain multilingual support, both PUA friendly, Solar Vesta also accommodates extended language systems. Also contains free swashes and both OTF & TTF formats.

Qavo is a classic sans serif typeface, free to use for personal use. A sharp well-balanced geometric font, it's extremely legible and easy to use. Qavo houses a number of Alternates and other Opentype Features such as ligatures that are practical, that work sensibly with the font.

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